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Charlene Cathcart is a skilled and accomplished attorney who uses the power of her knowledge, experience and skill to provide her clients with the very best legal representation and solutions. From our first meeting consultation through the resolution of your case, you can rest assured that you will be listened to carefully, treated with respect and compassion, and have a strong and dedicated advocate working on your behalf.

At the Law Office of Charlene Cathcart, our focus is always on what is in our clients’ best interest. We understand that our success relies upon your success, so whether you are in need of representation in a personal injury lawsuit, need assistance resolving a tax law dispute, are facing a charge in criminal or municipal court or need legal counsel in ending a marriage, you can rest assured that you will get our complete attention and an unending commitment to legal excellence.

The Law Office of Charlene Cathcart has a well-earned reputation for providing clients with a comfortable and friendly atmosphere that can provide solutions and strategies for a wide variety of legal issues, including family law, personal injury, criminal law and dispute resolution. We are proud of our record of representing individuals, families, businesses and professionals alike, providing the successful conclusion they need to some of their biggest challenges.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury
When you’ve been the victim of an accident, or have been injured by the negligence of another, it can feel like you have nowhere to turn. At the Law Office of Charlene Cathcart, we understand your frustration and work hard to ensure that the damages that you’ve suffered as a result of another person or entity’s carelessness does not go unpunished. We will aggressively pursue compensation to help you pay for your medical bills, property damage, pain and suffering. We will also help to represent you against the unfair settlement offers so that many insurance companies offer, ensuring that you are treated with the respect and dignity that you deserve.

Criminal & Municipal Court
In the state of New Jersey, the local municipal courts hear cases involving traffic violations as well as criminal violations such as theft, drug possession, assault and many more. A conviction or guilty plea on any of these charges can have a significant impact on the quality of your life, whether it results in the loss of your driving privileges or a criminal record. Whether we negotiate for a reduced fine or represent you in a trial, you can rest assured that we are a committed to providing you with the best outcome possible. The Law Offices of Charlene Cathcart also has experience in Superior Court representing clients with indictable offenses across multiple statutes.

Tax Law
Whether you are facing legal action from the IRS or from the state of New Jersey, the Law Office of Charlene Cathcart can help. We will carefully review all of your documents and provide you with a defense designed to eliminate or reduce any penalties or interest you may owe, stop wage garnishments and bank levies, and put your documents together in a way that will improve your chances of a reasonable settlement. We represent clients in both personal and business audits, defend against aggressive revenue officers, and negotiate fair payment plans so that you can take control of your finances.

Whether you need legal counsel for a simple and straightforward dissolution of your marriage or are facing a more complicated situation that requires the negotiation of child support, property distribution and custody, we approach each situation with the sensitivity and compassion that it deserves. We will listen carefully so that we understand your goals, answer all of your questions regarding New Jersey divorce law, and help you manage every challenge that comes along in a confident, competent way.